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Beer Cheese Spread, King Ludwig 24/4.4 oz

Beer Cheese Spread is a German specialty refined with König Ludwig dark beer. The tub and box bear the King Ludwig label and Bavarian imagery, including a shot of the beer mug, the Neuschwanstein castle, and the eccentric Ludwig II himself. The base of the spread is the famous King Ludwig Beer Cheese, which is washed in König Ludwig dark beer. Although the spread comes in a cream form, it tastes like a piece of cheese lopped right off the wheel. Instead of showing distinctive beer flavors, the cheese takes on a hearty, almost meaty flavor from the rind treatment. It is made from fresh milk from cows raised on mountain farms where they eat grass and hay. The spread can be enjoyed straight out of the tub at room temperature, or warmed gently and served fondue-style with dark bread, meats, and crudités.


Type: Spread

Country: Germany

Item #: 023737

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